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Additional Information

Brand:  kajuwalebhaiya
Product Code:  4890500006
Size:  (Pack of 2)
Package Weight:  1kg Kilograms
Speciality:  Vegan
  This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

Buy purest quality kesar online only and only at Kaju Wale Bhaiya. We bring A grade kesar from trusted sources and process it in our plants. Hence, there is no chance of getting low-quality or chemical-used kesar. So, if you are willing to buy the best kesar in India from a trusted store. You must choose Kaju Wale Bhaiya because we do not deal with intermediaries. And therefore, our 1kg kesar price in India is very affordable, and its taste is 100% pure.

Kesar is also called saffron, and it gives tons of healthy nutrients to the body. Many health experts recommend this excellent dry fruit. Many people recommend having kesar during pregnancy. It helps in staying energetic, decreases depression, and provides other benefits. It's also good to add to regular diet meals and stay healthy.
When you buy kesar from our store, you get 100% original and top-class saffron from us. We do not use any chemical or any harmful element during the processing. Therefore, we have customers who have been buying these quality dry fruits for years. Our self processed saffron comes in safely packed packets. Depending on your needs, you can choose any weight size from 100g to 1kg.

Health benefits of kesar

Nowadays, kesar is becoming a significant dry fruit in the Indian market. It provides numerous types of health benefits, such as mentioned below.
  • Kesar comes with cancer preventative elements and other nutrients.
  • It also improves vision loss problems, especially for teenagers.
  • If you need immunity booster dry fruit for you, it's the deal you need.
  • This dry fruit also has many antioxidants and improves memory power. Hence, if #5. you need help with the same, you can buy kesar online from us. Because we have a 100 gm kesar price very affordable and suitable for every type of user.

Why buy kesar from us?

Kesar is one of the healthy and versatile dry fruits to stay healthy. You can use it in various dishes such as risotto and pudding. You can even have it in regular water drinks and any form of your choice. However, you can get the maximum benefit of this healthy dry fruit when you buy it in its purest form. Nowadays, most manufacturers have started mixing chemicals and other harmful things. That not only changes the taste of the original saffron but also reduces health benefits. Hence, if you do not want to use custom-made kesar at your home. You should buy this dry fruit from Kaju Wale Bhaiya.

In the Box kesar | Best Deal o f kesar
Pack of 2
Brand kajuwalebhaiya

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