Coriander ( Dhania powder)

Buy 100% natural dhania seeds (powder) at the lowest price in the Indian market. The Kaju Wale Bhaiya team has built an excellent chain of providing quality coriander seeds to your home. Our expert team directly derives quality sabut dhania from farmers and their plants. Once these seeds arrive in our masala udyog, we process them manually. During processing, our team does not use any chemical or artificial things. Therefore, our customers get one of the purest dhania powders in the Indian market.
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Additional Information

Brand:  Kaju Wale Bhaiya
Product Code:  89675712017131
Size:  (Pack of 2)
Package Weight:  0.3 Kilograms
Speciality:  Vegan
  This is a Vegetarian product.

From deriving dhania seeds to their packing, we keep everything natural. We roast these seeds without any harmful oil or other things and process them wisely. So, your tasty dishes become more delicious and flavorful. Kaju Wale Bhaiya knows there are very few dishes made without the combination of dhania powder. Therefore, our team gives special attention to bringing quality and natural masala for you.

Health benefits of Kaju Wale Bhaiya's dhania powder

  • Our self-made and 100% pure dhania powder is proven to help you alleviate gas and digestion.
  • It's completely a vegetarian masala powder and is suitable for every user. Whether you cook sambar or any other Indian dishes, it will give you excellent taste and aroma.
  • We bring these quality dhania seeds directly from the farmers and their fields. Hence, there is no chance of mixing and getting low-quality masala products.
  • Dhania powder is proven to boost immunity and also prevent cellular damages.
  • Coriander powder is also helpful in strengthening hair and growing it. If you are facing the issue of hair loss, you should try adding healthy and natural coriander powder. It can help you keep your hair long and shiny for a long time.
  • If you use our self-process fresh dhania powder, you can control cholesterol levels easily. It also maintains good brain health and fights against Alzheimer.
  • Having 100% natural dhania seeds can also help you in skincare. By adding our self processed coriander powder, you will notice a skin glow.
Kaju Wale Bhaiya's powder and sabut dhaniya 1 kg prices are very cost-effective. Hence, if you need affordable masala powder with 100% original taste. You can complete your purchase process at our store and bring quality dhania powder.

Buy the best quality 1kg dhania powder at the best price

If you look for a 1 kg sabut dhaniya price, you will find our 1kg dhania powder very cost-effective. It is self-processed and natural, you will not need to process it. This masala powder is ready to use and adds an excellent aroma to your tasty meal. So, buy our self-processed and quality dhania powder and start making tasty food.

Country of Origin India
In the Box Coriander ( Dhania powder)
Pack of 1
Brand Kaju Wale Bhaiya

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