Walnuts ( Akhrot )

Walnut or akhrot is one of the essential dry fruits to buy online. These nuts have lots of ayurvedic and other health benefits. It nourishes the body and keeps you healthy when you eat it. If you are struggling with low sperm count, cholesterol, and other health-related issues. In that case, you should do akhrot online shopping at Kaju Wale Bhaiya.
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Additional Information

Brand:  Kaju Wale Bhaiya
Product Code:  89675712017126
Size:  (Pack of 2)
Package Weight:  100 GM, 200 GM, 500 GM Kilograms
Speciality:  Vegan
  This is a Vegetarian product.

Our expert team brings one of the tasty and top-quality akhrot dry fruits for you. These nuts are rich in protein, calcium, Omega 3, and other nutrients. Our store has kept a very cost-effective akhrot price for our customers. And we are sure you will nowhere find such affordable and tasty walnuts on the internet.
Kaju Wale Bhaiya is a leading distributor of self processed walnuts. Our dedicated team processes these fantastic and healthy dry fruits in our plant. There we maintain 100% hygiene and make sure to keep it healthy. You can eat our self processed walnuts if you are vegan or need tasty dry fruits.

Benefits of buying our akhrot dry fruit

Kaju Wale Bhaiya's walnuts are loaded with vitamin E and other antioxidants. And all these nutrients will help you prevent any heart disease. It also reduces the chances of getting cancer and related issues. Akhrot dry fruits also have ayurvedic health benefits in preventing liver-related issues. If you struggle with appetite or hunger problems. You should consider doing akhrot online shopping at our store. Because when you buy akhrot dry fruits at our store, you bring 100% quality things. You do not need to worry whether you have purchased low-quality nuts. Also, when you use our self processed akhrot in various dishes. You get a healthy and tasty experience without any bitter taste. If your kid does not eat healthy food, you can buy our affordable walnuts. You can start serving a healthy amount of dry fruit to your kid. Because your kid will love to eat Kaju Wale Bhaiya's self processed tasty walnuts.

Lowest akhrot price for 1kg

If you shop for 1kg akhrot anywhere else, you will pay good money. Because tasty and top-quality nuts come at a high cost. However, at Kaju Wale Bhaiya, we try our best to deliver you the best nuts at the lowest possible price. And therefore, we have an affordable akhrot price for a 1kg variant. However, if you buy 100g, 200g, or 500g akhrot dry fruit for you. In that case, you will also find our akhrot price very accessible.
So, if you want to bring tasty and healthy akhrot dry fruit, that becomes your family's favorite. You should move ahead with akhrot online shopping at Kaju Wale Bhaiya.

Country of Origin India
In the Box Walnuts ( Akhrot )
Pack of 1
Brand Kaju Wale Bhaiya

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